Reselling Propane

Looking for safe, reliable propane to sell to your own customers? Give us a shout, and we’ll get you sorted in no time!


Only the best!

The majority of our propane is American, so you can rest assured that it’s the very best fuel you can get.

We care about your business, your team, and your clients, and we’re always happy to partner with ambitious people who value the benefits of propane.

The DCC advantage

DCC Propane is different from most national propane distribution brands:


Your customers will be happy

With our goal of zero disruptions and focus on safety and service, your customers will see only improvements.

Key programs include:

• National Safety F1rst program
• Bulk propane purchasing for lower prices
• Tank painting and maintenance (free to tank lease customers)
• Comprehensive gas system checks (free to tank lease customers)
• National logistics support for reliable delivery
• Pre-buy, auto-fill, and budget billing programs
• Digital efficiency and convenience e-billing and auto-pay
• Online account management

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