Propane for Generators

Power outages are more than a simple nuisance for your business – they can truly mess up your day. That’s why you need a propane generator!

Let’s be honest – blackouts can throw your company in at the deep end. You might struggle to feed hungry diners, power manufacturing operations, keep brazing or metal-cutting processes ticking as usual, and maintain your hard-earned reputation.

But with propane generators, you can keep those stormy woes at bay! When the weather’s not on your side, DCC Propane will help you carry on without costly inconveniences.

As a safe, reliable, mess-free solution, propane generators won’t make you vulnerable to unexpected power cuts, offering you much-needed peace of mind in times of emergency.

As the cleanest traditional fuel available on the market, propane is a more eco-conscious option than other fuels such as gasoline and diesel. This means that propane generators are more sustainable than their diesel and petrol counterparts.

In short, propane generators release fewer pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions while requiring minimal maintenance and producing less grime to sweep up.

We never know when storms and bad weather will hit. The fewer stormy days, the better!

With propane, you won’t have to worry about monitoring the weather forecast 24/7. Its shelf life is pretty much limitless, meaning you won’t be wasting fuel or dollars just because you haven’t used your generator in a whole year.

Propane generators can help you keep your business’ wheels turning in a number of different ways.

Whether you’re in a situation of emergency or not, propane generators can power your space heating, water heating, kitchen equipment, outdoor amenities, and washing chores (to name a few!).

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Building & Construction

At DCC, we understand that construction sites have to stick to strict deadlines. But how can you get the job done if you’re suddenly struck by a power outage?

Propane generators are the perfect option to keep your building operations on track, no matter the challenges that stormy weather brings.

They provide enough energy to crack on as usual while supplying power throughout the whole day at an affordable, cost-effective rate.

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Hospitality & catering

Can you leave hungry customers without food or drinks? Or can you treat guests to a stay with no heating or hot water? Well, the answer is pretty obvious – of course not!

Power outages can be a true nightmare for businesses that operate in the hospitality & catering world. That’s why propane generators can be a handy ace up your sleeve in the event of power cuts and blackouts.

In those challenging moments, propane generators will act as the light at the end of the tunnel!

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During outages, propane generators can be life-saving for agricultural businesses that need to look after crops and flocks on an hourly basis. Even more so considering that most companies in the agricultural sector are often based in remote areas.

With a propane generator, you’ll always have safe, reliable, and efficient fuel in your back pocket. This way, you can keep your operations ticking regardless of adverse conditions and out-of-reach locations that can’t be serviced as quickly.

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