Propane Cylinder Refill

If you need to top up on your fuel, don’t worry – we’ll take care of your propane cylinder refill in swift fashion.

Running low on propane? That’s no problem at all! We’ll get your operations back on track in no time.

Most of our locations across the country offer propane refill services, meaning you just need to pop by with your cylinder, and our friendly staff will take care of the rest!

Once the cylinder has been topped up, you can safely use it again and carry on with all your other important business duties. Handy, right?

As mentioned, propane cylinders vary in size based on their use. Do you need them for cooking purposes? Or just to heat up your chilly space? Whatever the reason, you’ll always find the right cylinder for you!

Unsure whether your cylinder needs a top-up? To check how much fuel you have left inside your cylinder, place it on a scale and see how much it weighs.

If, say, your 20kg cylinder weighed 30kg when you first got it, and the scales now show it’s down to 22kg, you will only have 2kg left to use.

This depends entirely on the size of your cylinder.

That said, it won’t take long at all! You can expect to get it back in less than 15 minutes.

Switching Supplier

Why switch to DCC Propane?

  • Over 80 years of experience
  • We operate across 21 states
  • Over 900 skilled employees


Get the most out of your forklift trucks by using propane as their powering fuel. As the cleanest traditional fuel on the market and one of the most efficient options out there, you can crack on with your business chores in a safe, welcoming environment.

If you’re running out of propane, arrange a top-up visit to get you sorted in no time. This way, you can keep the wheels of your forklifts turning without any nuisance or disruptions.


Hospitality & catering

Sizzling burgers on the grill? Or carefully rotating the dough inside your pizza oven? DCC’s propane will help you keep your hungry customers happy and warm at all times.

Check your propane levels regularly, and visit us when you need a cylinder fill. Nothing is worse than having starving clients in a cold, dark room!

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Businesses operating in the agricultural sectors tend to be located in remote areas. So, once you’ve run out of propane, you’re a bit stuck!

Propane is crucial to keep your operations ticking as usual, whether drying the crop or looking after the flock. If you don’t have much fuel left, drive to one of our closest depots and top up as much as you need. Our friendly, experienced team is always available to give you a hand!

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