Propane Autogas

Hit the road with propane Autogas to drive your business forward. From buses and trucks to forklifts, DCC will help you get your motors rumbling!

What is Autogas? Don’t worry, nothing too complicated! It’s just the name given to the propane that’s used to power vehicles and fleets.

Propane Autogas is a great solution to juice up trucks, school buses, forklifts, or lawnmowers and get their wheels turning in a clean, reliable fashion.

It’s also the fuel with the lowest cost of ownership, meaning it’ll allow your business to go the extra mile without breaking the bank!

Propane Autogas can truly transform your fleet and vehicles. Some of its main benefits include:

  • Clean – Compared with other fuel options, propane Autogas cuts significantly on the production of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants such as CO2 and NOx.
  • Safe and reliable – No matter the task, propane Autogas will help you get the job done! It’s a safe, reliable solution that will keep your operations running with no faff or hassle.
  • Easy to refuel – When you opt for propane Autogas, you get to choose from a different range of refueling opportunities. Want your own centralized refueling station? You can get the propane delivered straight to you and conveniently refuel your fleet on-site! If this sounds right up your street, get in touch with DCC today to explore how we can make your life easier.

As mentioned, propane Autogas can be used to power a variety of different vehicles. It will suit school buses, trucks, forklift trucks, and even lawnmowers.

So, no matter the sector you operate in, Autogas will allow your business to run as usual!

Propane is the cleanest traditional fuel available on the market. So, if you’re looking to drive your operations with an eco-conscious mind, propane Autogas is the right fuel for your company.

It is significantly cleaner than both petrol and diesel, as it releases less CO2 and fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. And as well as preserving your surroundings, you will also protect the well-being of your employees and customers!

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Lawnmowers & landscaping

If you work in the world of landscaping, trimming bushes, and keeping lawns neat, owning a propane-powered lawnmower can help you make the most of your green thumb.

Lawnmowers that use propane guarantee top-notch performance and more efficiency. They also require less maintenance than their petrol and diesel counterparts, meaning you can reduce downtime and save precious dollars on your fuel bill. Whether big or small, no lawn size is too much – or little – for a propane-powered lawnmower!


School buses & fleets

School buses and fleets need to be on the go at all times. Propane Autogas is a safe, reliable fuel option that handles all weather conditions, from boiling hot to freezing cold. This means you can rest assured that no kids will be left behind on school days!

Compared to petrol and diesel buses, propane Autogas vehicles are cleaner and less harmful to children. They’re also noticeably quieter on the road, so bus drivers can perform their job in a calmer environment while keeping an eye on students without the chaotic rumbling of the engine.

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We offer you reliable propane to ensure your business runs safely and efficiently. Check out propane’s greatest benefits here:

Clean, safe and efficient propane Autogas

Why is Autogas the perfect solution to power your business fleet? Discover some of its most beneficial advantages.

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Reduce downtime

As a safe and reliable fuel option, propane-powered vehicles require less maintenance and fewer checkups than diesel. So, rather than sitting in a garage, your motors will stay on the road for longer.

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As the cleanest fossil fuel available on the market, propane Autogas is the ideal fuel solution to hit the streets in a sustainable fashion. If you’re looking to become more eco-conscious, fasten your seatbelts – DCC will guide you on this journey!

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America has an abundant supply of propane, so you’ll never miss out on fuel for your fleet. This means you can benefit from an efficient fuel that costs less than gas and diesel options.

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The United States’ largest family-owned and operated school bus contractor, Cook-Illinois Corporation, has taken its latest step in a continued environmental drive, by expanding its fleet of propane-powered school buses.

Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Cook-Illinois Corporation operates across the Midwest, carrying over 100,000 kids per day to and from school, completing 3,200 journeys per day and covering 26,000,000 miles each year in the process.

Read about our partnership here