Propane for your business

What is propane? Also known as LPG, industrial propane is a colorless, odorless, and nontoxic liquid gas with a large variety of applications.


Propane Autogas

Do you need to power van fleets, school buses, or forklift trucks? Industrial propane can do the trick! Propane can be used to fuel vehicles in a more efficient way than gas or diesel.

This means that it provides you with better fuel economy, saving you money on the go! Propane is also a cleaner, more eco-friendly option than conventional fuels. So, as your vehicles hit the road on business duties, your trucks, and cars will release fewer emissions into the atmosphere.

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Temporary Heat

Propane is safe, versatile, and portable, meaning it’s the perfect solution to provide temporary heat for your business or warehouse. Whatever sector you operate in, our industrial propane can keep your company running in a warm, comfortable environment.

Propane can keep builders cozy on construction sites during winter, dry new construction buildings, protect crops in icy weather, or make workspaces and warehouses more welcoming when it’s chilly outdoors.

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Propane-powered generators guarantee the same performance as petrol generators. But there is a cool catch! Generators that use propane have the added benefits of being cleaner and more cost-friendly.

What’s more, propane generators require less maintenance, cause less mess to clean up, and last longer than ones powered by diesel. So, whether you need to juice your specialist tools or keep your forklift’s wheels turning, propane generators are the ideal solution to keep you going through thick and thin.


Manufacturing & industrial process

Commercial propane is a tip-top fit for a variety of industrial processes. It perfectly suits businesses operating in the manufacturing sector, too!
Thanks to its flexibility, propane can be used to assist with all kinds of operations.

Do you produce glass, steel, chemicals, food, drink, packaging or anything else? You name it, propane does it – rest assured you’ll be sorted no matter what.

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