Propane for Dairy Businesses

To produce first-class milk and high quality dairy products, you need top-notch energy. Propane can help you power your dairy business without any hassle.

We know your main priority is to produce tip-top milk, butter, cheese and other dairy products. Our goal is to give you the right fuel to help you achieve just that.

Propane is a safe, reliable fuel option that can help you maintain hygiene standards and power operations efficiently.

With dairy propane, you’ll never be without hot water to clean and sanitize all your specialist equipment. And, of course, you’ll be able to keep barns nice and cozy all year round, creating the perfect environment for your cattle and people.

The safety of your business, people, and customers is at the top of our agenda.

Propane is a colorless, odorless, and nontoxic liquid gas that can suit a wide range of operations without any fuss, or hassle. It won’t spill, pool, or leave residue on the floor that might lead to slips and injuries.

To ensure your propane-powered equipment is running safely as it should, we carry out regular maintenance and double-check everything’s hooked up properly.

Propane is the cleanest traditional fuel available on the market. So, if you have internal and external sustainability targets to meet, you simply can’t go wrong with this fuel option!

Propane produces significantly fewer pollutants, such as CO2, NOx, and SOx, than diesel, petrol, and even grid-generated electricity. And since it releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions, it can help you create a healthier environment for your people to thrive in.

Don’t worry – you’ll never run out of propane with us! At DCC Propane, we offer a hassle-free autofill service that monitors your fuel usage at all times and keeps our central computers up to date.

This way, when your propane levels are low (approximately 30%), we will automatically schedule on-time deliveries, meaning you’ll receive a top-up as and when required.

Our autofill service does all the thinking for you, so you can spend time focusing on all the other important aspects of your business.

Switching Supplier

Why switch to DCC Propane?

  • Over 80 years of experience
  • We operate across 21 states
  • Over 900 skilled employees

Hot water

We know that having hot water at hand is crucial for your daily tasks. Equipment needs to be sanitized regularly to look after the well-being of your animals and maintain the quality of the milk, cheese, or butter.

Dairy propane will keep your operations running smoothly and seamlessly. You’ll never miss out on safe hot water!

At DCC Propane, we appreciate the hard work of dairy businesses, and we’re keen to give a helping hand where we can.


Reliable heating

Come rain or shine, dairy businesses need to be on the go all year round.

In the winter, temperatures can drop significantly, putting the well-being of your people and cattle at risk. But why take a chance?

The beauty of propane is that it’s an efficient, high-performing fuel that will keep your barns warm 365 days a year. Also, propane’s temperature is easy to regulate, meaning you’ll be able to create a space that’s never too hot or cold.


Clean environment

Propane is the cleanest traditional fuel available on the market. It produces significantly fewer pollutants, such as CO2, NOx, and SOx, than diesel and petrol. And as opposed to grid-generated electricity, it releases 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions*.

As well as preserving the planet, dairy propane can help you create an eco-conscious environment for your people and animals to thrive in.

The healthier the cattle, the better the milk!

It’s always heart-warming to receive genuine, positive feedback on our products and services. Hear from one of our successful partners about what the DCC Propane journey looks like. You know what? We might just be the right energy supplier for your business, too!

Partnering with DCC Propane couldn’t be easier

We want your experience to be as smooth and seamless as possible. Trust us – joining DCC is a stroll in the park!

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