DCC Propane set to become main propane supplier at the future largest dairy barn in US

DCC Propane is becoming the majority propane supplier at the future largest milk producer in the United States.

Longs Peak Dairy based in Pierce, Colorado has long been one of the largest milk producers in the country. Their corporate strategy is to double their operational size and improve efficiencies by 2023. A few miles away from Pierce, Colorado, they are constructing an additional operation in Galeton, Colorado. Once the second location opens Longs Peak Dairy will be the largest milk producer in the country.

Enviro Gas is currently one of two propane suppliers at the Pierce location. This decision has been in-process for several months; our Enviro Gas team has proven to their management we are a reliable partner. In negotiations, they noted “Enviro Gas operational teamwork and timing are amazing.”

“Being selected as Longs Peak’s preferred propane vendor is an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of our Enviro Gas team,” said Alan Martin, Rockies Area Sales Manager.

Much of their propane will power a state-of-the-art floor heating system installed for cattle safety. The warm floors will prevent ice and snow buildup and reduce the risk of cattle injuries during the milking process.

“As our reputation grows, other dairies in eastern Colorado will become opportunities for growth,” Alan said. “It’s all about us being known, liked and trusted.”

Congratulations to our Enviro Gas crew on this historic accomplishment!