Propane Central Nearing Completion of Two Big Projects

Propane Central installs two, 18,000-gallon tanks in northeast Kansas

If there was ever a doubt that propane is a versatile energy source then look no further than to a pair of projects our Propane Central team has underway in northeast Kansas.

In both instances our team installed an 18,000-gallon tank on property owned by full-circle agriculture company, J-Six Enterprises. However, the propane will be used for two very different reasons.

The first tank was installed at a remote hog farm in Robinson, Kansas. The second tank will serve a truck wash located just off busy Highway 36 near Hiawatha, Kansas. Between the two sites, J-Six is expected to use approximately 180,000 gallons of propane, said Eric Payne, the general manager of operations for Propane Central.

Propane Central has a long history dating more than 20 years with J-Six, but this is by far the largest project we have completed with the family-owned business.

“We’ve installed many tanks at J-Six’s other locations, mostly 1,000-gallon tanks for individual hog barns,” Eric said. “This was the biggest project we have undertaken with them by a considerable margin.”  

Eric credited the Propane Central team, led by longtime service technician Dale Ross, for ensuring the installations are done in a safe and timely manner. In addition to working with the crane operator to transport the dispensers, the crew also will install piping and relief valves, he said.

The tank at the truck wash will be visible to countless drivers daily using Highway 36, a fact not lost on Eric.

“It’s definitely in the back of my mind that this could lead to additional business,” he said. “This is the first time we are in these two markets so that is very exciting.”

Congratulations to our Propane Central team for a job well done!